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School Sexual Education

Been reading up about the Tammy sex handphone video and was thinking what's the big deal?
I've had my fair share of sex in poly, and had my own share of videos and photos taken, although I took better care to ensure they either didn't have my face in it.
In fact, there was once after the final exams that I was horny and was in school waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up.
When he came, I could tell he was horny and hard because he told me he was watching this japanese porn video of this school girl getting ambushed on the way home and getting fucked by this group of guys. Of course, because he had to come and pick me up, he could get his release. The bulge in front of his surfer shorts was so obvious, especially since he wears boxers.
Walking through the engineering school to the carpark at the end, we got all horny and touchy. After all, it was after the exams and most of the students were either out celebrating or home sleeping from all the cramming. Not wanting to waste the moment, I dragged him into the stairway and led him up to the 3rd floor where I knew it would be deserted. Trying my luck, I went to one of the tutorial rooms that I knew had a faulty lock and lucky for me, it was actually open. Moving in, I quickly jumped on my boyfriend, having him literally carrying me in his arms as I showered his face with kisses and grinding my pussy againsts his cock. Now, I am just dressed in this tennis skirt and tube with a denim jacket over. Before my bf even knew what was going on, I have my tube and my jacket on the floor and my skirt was above my waist. My tits were pushed in his face as his tongue automatically started licking and sucking it.
Pushing me onto the desk, he stuffed my tube into my mouth because he knows how much noise I make when he's eating my pussy. His tongue danced and played as he spent time eating my pussy. Haha, after stripping his shirt, he took it and wrapped it over my eyes ... now there I was lying with my legs spread and my tits bared for all to see. Suddenly, I felt my arms being grabbed roughly and I felt my arms being tied to the legs of the table. Now I was tied down and helpless, unable to see what was going on as he continued to assualt my pussy and my my tits ... his hands roaming around and spreading my legs as I am tied.
Suddenly, we heard footsteps outside and suddenly my bf's hands disappeared from my body. I heard the steps continue to get closer, and my heart was beating hard but I couldn't move as I was tied down. Slowly, the footsteps got fainter and my bf's hands returned back to my body and his tongue and lips continued to assault me.
Suddenly, my arms are released and I feel my ass being probed by a small metal object. My body is forcefully turned, my stomach resting on the table and I suddenly feel my wet pussy being penetrated by my bf's huge cock. Reaching forward, his hands grab my tits and pinch and pull my nipples with each thrust of his cock. Suddenly, the metal object gets shoved in all the way into my ass and my pussy gets fucked raw and hard, his hands roughly grabbing and massaging my tits while my shouts and screams are muffled with the tube in my mouth. After at least twenty minutes of fucking, my stomach raw from rubbing against the table, I couldn't hold back no more and my pussy felt a warm rush of liquid flood through it. Suddenly, I also feel it being overflowed with thick sperm shooting all over my pussy walls, his cock slamming deep each time it erupts, making me squeal with each time.
Pulling it out, I feel the cock pressed against my lips and I grab and lick and suck it clean. No way was I going to let the cock go off until I've cleaned it proper. After cleaning it, he left me lying on the table. Pulling off the top, I saw my bf slowly rubbing his still hard cock as he watched the video he had recorded on his phone. Reaching below, I pulled out the whiteboard marker he had shoved in my ass. As I sit beside him watching us fuck on the phone, my hand idlily moves over to his cock and my pussy moistens again ...


Car Park Escapade

Hey, I'm back. I have decided to not care what people say about my blog and carry on. Unless you have something nice to say, get lost. For my friends who've been with me together, here's a little sharing of my more recent encounters recently.

My boyfriend and I were on the way back from my grandma's place. I had gone to visit her, and my boyfriend was in the area and he had come to pick me up, not that he was nice or what, but he had been darn horny throughout the day, smsing me noti messages while asking me to finger myself and make myself wet for him, that his cock was already hard and waiting for me.

Now, for those of you who have not met my boyfriend, he's an African American, currently working as a freelance designer in Singapore, and boy is he hot. He's about 1.85m, and has a gorgeous body (must be due to all that gym training). His cock, is like wow, is about 12 inches when it's growing and can get up to 14 to 14 1/2 inches long when it's hard and ready for action. Now, with a piece like that, how can I not be addicted to it?

Living together has it's perks, but that's another blog entry. all through the night, he was playful teasing me behind my grandma's back, stuffing fingers up my skirt, and rubbing his hard cock over my thin black skirt i wore. Even though i was quite pissed at his playfulness, each time his cock glided over my ass, or his hands brush against my pussy, it caused my pussy to water up and i fantasized about his huge cock splitting my pussy wide. many a times during dinner, i had to go to the toilet to wipe my pussy juice leaking down my thighs into my waiting, hungry mouth.

By the time we actually said goodnight to my grandma, and were in the lift, we hardly could keep our hands off each other. His rough hands were slowly kneading my tits through my spaghetti top, urgently removing the bra (I wore for my grandma's sake) while his other hand practically reached under my skirt and tore my panty, leaving it hanging around my waist.

However, the lift ride was too short, and in a blink of an eye, we were on the ground floor. We quickly left the lift, only to realise when the door closed that my bra was still left on the lift floor. heehee, good luck to the next person who took the lift. My boyfriend's hands were roaming all over my ass, and even in front of my dress, outlining my pussy through the thin skirt, leaving a trail of my pussy juice as the fingers glide between the lips.

By the time we reached the car park, I knew that there was no way I could make it home without getting fucked. As we had parked along the corner of the wall, I opened my boyfriend's car door and immediately got down on my knees and desperately pulled apart his belt and immediately, his hard cock sprung out and slapped me right in the face. Eagerly, I started licking his cock, my hands roaming up and down my body, pulling my straps down my arms, pulling the spaghetti strap till it was just around my waist. My other hand was busy pulling down the zip, as i let it slip off, leaving me there with my spaghetti strap in a bunch around my waist, together with the shredded remains of my panty. As I sucked him, my boyfriend was so shocked that he practically didn't do anything for a solid five minutes while i entertained his cock. When his sense came back, he quickly thought of something.

Opening the boot, he got me to sit inside. As his boot was quite big, I was able to comfortably sit in the book, my legs spread as i continue to suck his cock, feeling it grow with excitment at being sucked, yet at the fear of being caught. His hands were no longer idle, and they roamed all over, from pinching my tits to fingering my pussy and pinching my clit. I was in heaven. My clit had been so sensitive and excited from the horniness and the fact that i was sucking him dry in public made me so easy to cum as his fingers played mercilessly. By the time I got him close to cumming after sucking a full 20 minutes, I already was sitting in a small pool of pussy juice and my cum, my face stained with his precum, and my boyfriend's hands pinching my nipples and roughly squeezing my tits until they were red.

As he finally came, i could feel the hot spurts slam against the sides of my mouth and the back of my throat, it's flow constant and strong, so strong until I could not swallow fast enough to keep up that I ended up with my cheeks puffed up with his cum, and he pulled my mouth off his cock, spraying on my face and tits and hair cum and i swallowed quickly, and opened my mouth to devour more of his wonderful nectar.

Leaning against the car, my fingers idly slide up and down his cock, wiping his cum from his cock, and massaging the cum into my nipples. Not long, his cock started to grow again, and my boyfriends grins as he slides my pussy out against the edge of the car boot...


A Girl Night's Out

Sorry guys for having disappeared so long. With the school holidays around the corner, the office has been packed preparing for all the trips.
Yesterday, I was tired of working, so a few of my gal friends and I went out to club, but we ended up drinking kopi near one of their place instead. After meeting up, we went over to Maia's place to pick her up. However, being the slow poke she was, she didn't get ready till 9 plus. Too lazy to go anywhere after waiting so long, Yvonne actually suggested going downstairs to the 7-11 to buy some drinks up and we can chat and drink at Maia's place. Her parents were overseas and we practically had the whole house to ourselves.
I was dressed in a white mini tube and a denim mini skirt, with a pair of red thong underneath. Maia, was dressed, as usual, in her white spaghetti and leather pants with a red half-cup strapless bra underneath. She always had this thing was wearing colored bras under her tops to show off ... Stacy was wearing a white blouse and a black pair of pants, pretty much office wear while Yvonne was dressed in a pale spaghetti top and a skirt.
Drinks started passing around, and we were pretty much talking about the old times and catching up, and as usual, the conversation went on to talk about our boyfriends, everyone updating who's still attached, who's single and stuff like that. We were all talking about our bf's when the topic came about what we would do to make our bf's squirm in their pants, to tease them to give them hard ons while not letting them touch us. Yvonne shared how she had actually teased her bf during his commissioning parade in SAFTI and that when the parade was over, they actually went to hide in one corner and she blew him while he was still wearing his white uniform.
Now, all this talk was getting us very horny. Not that most of the girls will like to fuck around, most of them like to keep to their partners. However, with the alcohol, and the talk of sex so freely, we came to the point of what we would do when we needed sex when no one was available. Stacy then shared with us how she had found a use for the alcohol bottles after finish drinking them. After much persuasion, and daring, we got her to do a demonstration.
Sitting on a lazy chair, Stacy pulled down her pants, revealing her naked shaved pussy. taking a chilled, empty bottle, she started to slowly slide it along her pussy lips and clit. We could all tell that we were getting horny. My pussy was already wet as I watched, and Maia's nipples were hard as I could see them protruding through her thin spaghetti top. Yvonne had actually slowly, and unknowingly started to rub her pussy through her pants. Suddenly, Maia stopped Stacy, and told us to move over to the master bedroom where she wanted to show us something.
Looking a bit disappointed, Stacy got up and walked over to the bedroom, her one hand still holding onto the bottle, and her other hand removing her top, leaving her clothes in the living room. We all decided to follow suit and stripped, leaving a trail of clothes, panties and bras all the way from the living room to the master bed room.
As we entered, we threw ourselves onto the bed. I had somehow landed with my face very near to Stacy's pussy, and immediately, I was overwhelmed by the aroma coming from her pussy. It took me a lot of strength to just control myself as I restrained myself from reaching forward and tasting that wonderful pussy juice.
Maia came back with a CD in hand. Putting it in, it was actually of a video of this Thai girl masturbating. On the bed, we could see vibrators, cucumbers and other items lying around. As we slowly watched, many of us started getting turned on, and many of us were already slowly fingering ourselves when we saw the part Maia wanted us to watch.
The girl in the video had taken the bottle, and was slowly fucking herself with it. I had done it before, and was not surprised, but the other 2 girls had their jaws wide open. Sensing that they wanted a live demo, Stacy and I leaned back, taking a bottle each and we started to bottle fuck our pussies. We must have been really hot, because my clit was so sensitive that when Yvonne reach forward and brushed her tongue over it, I came, hard, and was screaming as my hands lost control of the bottle and Yvonne brutally rammed the bottle into my pussy. Stacy too was very close to cumming from her expression, as Maia continued to orally assault her tits and nipples, her one hand fingering herself while the other fingered Stacy's clit.
Deciding for a change, Maia chanegd the video and in front of us on tv, was this group of girls, just like us, naked and enjoy the sweet tastes of pussy juice. I have always loved cocks, but nothing, I feel, have ever beaten the wonders a girl's tongue can do. On the bed, we were practically tongue and finger fucking each other ... the bottles were well utilised and we were practically bringing each other to cum with our tongues and fingers. Watching as we sexually assaulted each other, we followed and mimicked what they did on the screen, ending up ourselves in a circle where each one of us were eating each other's. We were so hot, we were practically screaming at the top of our voices, calling our crude names and urging each other to eat us till we came all over their faces.


My Trip to Thailand

I just came back from bringing a group up to Thailand. It was fun because I got to stay with a gal friend who has a boyfriend living in Bangkok.
A bit of introduction. My gal friend is Taiwanese, with an excellent figure, and her boob size is about 36C. Nice and huge, considering she's only about 1.55m tall, she's got a great figure (think I said that before) that makes head turns wherever she goes. Her boyfriend is a half-thai, half-american black(not sure the term, so if anyone knows, please let me know, if it's wrong and I offended someone, please let me know so I can edit accordingly). He's about 1.8m, tall, good looking.
Well, as I was staying over, my gal friend and I used to share stories on how we get our guys hard, and how we loved to tease them mercilessly, until they would practically pounce on us, rip our clothes off and make hot, passionate sex to us. It was fun to watch the guys squirm, but I was quite interested in the way her boyfriend uses food to enhance her sex experience. What happened was that she went to tell him, so he decided to give a "live" demo for me.
He went shopping and came back with loads of stuff. Taking a shower, I had just come out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, my body naked and dripping with water. Seeing me, he smiled his big, cheeky smile and came over to me to kiss me. Wrapping his hands around me, he slowly pulled aside the towel, letting it drop on the living room floor as his hands pulled me towards him, crushing my 34b tits onto his chest. My hands were not idle either. Moving my hands down, I slowly started massaging his cock through his pants, while the other quickly unbuckled his belt and pants, and in a flash, his pants were down around his ankles, which he quickly discarded. Now, he and I have been fucking quite a bit, however, my gal friend doesn't know yet, so I was getting aroused, although I didn't want to continue because I was afraid my gal friend would find out. However, under his kisses and touches, I could barely control myself. I was so high that when he inserted his thick finger into my pussy, I came right on the spot, my knees weak and I collapsed right onto him, pushing his finger deeper into my pussy as my body trembled and violently shook as I came.
Bringing his cum soaked finger to my lips, I licked it clean as his othe hand helped me unbutton his shirt. Once his shirt came off, he picked me up, his cock length resting along my pussy. I could feel it grow as he carried me to the sofa. I tried to adjust to be able to get his thick hardening cock into my pussy, which by now was soaked with pussy juice and cum, but he didn't let me. Grinning, he put me down, legs spread, and started to eat my pussy. His warm tongue, together with the cold air from the airconditioned, made my pussy lips sensitive, and since I had just came, it was at the ultimate state of sensitiveness. Each lick brought me to quiver, bringing me closer to the point where I would nearly cum, but not reach it yet. The cold air was also hardening my nipples as I reached up with one hand to play with them, pinch and twist them until they were so hard and sensitive I could barely even brush my fingers over them. The other hand was pushing his head into my pussy further, desperately urging him to use his strong, long tongue to tongue fuck me. God knows how many times I had suffered the merciless assault of his tongue, and of those time, how many that I had surrendered with cumming all over his face.
Suddenly, just when I was so close to cumming, he got up, and pulled me to the floor. Walking to the groceries he just bought, he brought forth the bag. Taking out the first item, I saw it was a tub of vanilla yoghurt. Taking off the cover, he tilted the entire tub of yoghurt all over my tummy and pussy. It was flowing down my tummy and pussy lips, coating everything in my path. I could feel some yoghurt actually seeping between my pussy lips and into my pussy. Wondering what he was doing, I waited with anticipation in the second item, which was a box of cocoa rick cripes. Looking confused, I watched him as he poured the whole box (the huge one, not the small one) all over the yoghurt covered pussy. He then reached for the last item in the bag, which was a few sticks of celery. Taking them out, he motioned me to suck on them as he slowly fingered my yoghurt-covered-with-cocoaricecripes pussy. I could feel the grains of the rice cripes tingling my pussy each time he moves his fingers and they rubbed against my clit and pussy lips. It felt wierd, like many ants biting on my pussy and clit, and it was painfully hard to wait to see what he will do.
After suck all the celery sticks until they were dripping with my saliva, he got into a 69 position with him on top. As he reached over to my pussy, he took two celery sticks and used them to pry my pussy lips apart, letting even more yoghurt, with the cocoa rice cripes to flow into my pussy. seeing his cock at my head, i just let instinct over and started sucking him, loving the moaning he makes each time i lick and suck his softspot. once he was done with the pussy, he left the celery sticks in the pussy and started to probe my ass hole with them. As I had only done anal twice, I tried to oppose his action, but he had anticipated it and forced his cock down my throat. Now, his is one of the few cocks that is really huge. Just to let you have an idea, when his gal and I sucks his cock before (I said she didn't know I fucked him, but we've sucked his cock together before), I can try to deepthroat his cock, but the remaining of the cock is still long enough for his girlfriend to be able to suck and lick the shaft.
Once I felt he was close to cumming, he quickly pulled out my cock until I could suck on it, and he slowly got to my pussy. I was still lying on my back, my legs spread open and my pussy still covered. He opened the second box of cocoa rice cripes and poured them over my pussy. Then without any warning, he suddenly rammed his cock right into my pussy. I screamed out so loud, I think the whole building heard me. It's not so much about the size of his cock, but when his cock penetrated me, the rice cripes on the yoghurt had rubbed against my pussy lips at different places, giving me numerous wonderful sensations and making me yell out in esctasy. I was so shocked that with each withdrawal and plunge, the rough sides of the cripes heighten my pleasure as they rubbed against the sides and outside of my pussy lips and clit. In fact, all the way until he came, I was screaming each time until I was almost hoarse. As he went faster and harder, my pussy was tingling with so much excitment that all it took was one final push, and I came so hard that my whole body quivered, my pussy rubbing the rice cripes between his cock and the inner side of my pussy, causing me to cum in waves. As he stood there motionless, his cock started cumming with all the violent rubbing of my pussy against his cock, my pussy overflowing with yoghurt, cum and pussy juice. Begging him, I begged for his cock to cum in my mouth. As he continued cumming hard, he quickly pulled out the cock while it stopped mid cum, and moved it over my tits and up to my face, leaving behind a trail of cock cum, pussy juice and yoghurt with rice cripes all over my body. Once it reached my mouth, I quickly reached up and took the whole cock head into my mouth and started suck and licking it, my tongue trying to pierce his pee hole, with each suck, taking in a bit more of his cock until nearly half his cock was almost forced down my throat. The taste of the cum was so different with the different mixtures. However, as I continued to clean his cock, I heard a voice saying "I see you all are having fun without me ...". I turned and saw my gal friend there, her face not really too happy at the scene, with me lyining a pool of yoghurt and cum, her boyfriend's cock in my mouth ...


Yeah, I know I owe you guys what happened at the Sentosa chalet, but let me share with you my exciting day today.
I went to work, bored and horny. It has been almost 2 days since I got fucked and my pussy was practically screaming for it to be stretched by a hard, solid cock. Since today I was intending to go meet my bf after work, I wore my short black dress. To add to the looks of it, I decided to be daring and not wear any panties OR bra at all. Now, with the material so thin, it was almost obvious that I was wearing any bra, especially since my seat is near the aircon, and the cold air hardens them almost instantly.
There was a delivery for me through FedEx, and when the guy came over to my cubicle to hand me the package, I found myself staring at him. He was a good looking guy, not too handsome but quite average build. However, what attracted my eyes was the huge bulge that was quite obvious in front of his pants. I was thinking, that if he was so huge when he was soft, how much pleasure would I get from it when it was HARD.
I decided that I could wait no longer, and I had to have him. When he came over, I pretended to lean over to get something from the floor, thus giving him ample view of my braless 34B tits. I am sure he got to see it, because he was still standing there with his mouth opened when I looked up. As there was a few people in the office, I decided to become more daring. When I got the clipboard, I alternately pinched my nipples, complaining that the aircon was blowing on it and making it uncomfortable. I guess, however, he was a lot more uncomfortable than me. As I adjusted my seat, I also made sure that my dress continued to rise up along the hip, and without my panties, soon my shaved pussy was there for him to stare at.
Realising he was not going to do very much, I decided to try one last trick. While handing him back the clipboard after signing it, I pretended to drop it, and I quickly leaned forward, pretending to pick up the clipboard, but my face fell straight into his cock. It felt slightly hard, but the size almost took me by surprise. As he blocked anyone else who was looking from the other side of the office, I started nuzzling my face into his pants, purring slightly as my hands slowly slid from my body down to my pussy. Looking up, I could see the disbelief in his eyes. Replacing the clipboard in my hand, I got up and went to the washroom.
Coming out though, I saw he got my note which I had slipped onto the clipboard after our "little accident". I could take it much longer, and I took his hand and went to the staircase landing, and up one floor. I knew upstairs was slightly more deserted, and couldn't really care less if anyone caught us. Leaning onto the railing, I lifted on left up onto the higher step, my hands now slowly running along my tits and playing with the nipples through the dress, my other hand making it's way down my tummy to my wet pussy. I could see him uncomfortably adjust in his pants, so I decided to help him. With a swift pull over my head, my dress was off and I stood in front of him naked, my glistering pussy inviting him, as I walked over, squatted in front of him, and unbuckled his belt and pants as my face nuzzled into his cock. My mouth was practically drooling, and it made a small wet spot on his pants. Springing out from the confinements of his pants and underwear, I quickly took the head into my mouth and slowly started licking it, spreading my saliva all over it. There is nothing more sexy that turns me on than a hardening saliva covered cock. My one hand was already forcing his pants down, while my other hand was slowly playing with my pussy lips, getting them glisterring with my pussy juice, spreading it on his cock once in a while to tease him. He was already leaning onto the railing, trying hard to control not to moan too loudly, and from the inflexibility of his foreskin, I could tell he was a virgin. I was excited, here I was going to take a guy's first time, and I didn't even know his name.
By now, he was trying to force his cock down my throat, which I didn't really care. Adjusting accordingly, I took almost all his cock in, sucking it hard, making him regret that he made me take his cock into my mouth. My saliva was drooling out from the sides of my mouth, and I kept on sucking and licking and swallowing, while he struggled to get his cock free of my mouth. I couldn't care less anymore. Even if he was not going to get any pleasure from it, I was going to make sure he came in my mouth. And cum he did. However, he came so much that it actually choked me, forcing me to release my grip on his cock. Sensing the chance, he quickly pulled away, and while doing so, shot cum all over my face, tits and hair ... Swallowing quickly the lot in my mouth (with some difficulty), I quickly took over his cock and continued shooting it until it laid spent in my hands, the foreskin and cock head clean from cum which I licked off lovingly.
However, that was not enough for me, and being the young man he was, he started getting hard again as I continued to play with his cock. Deciding to give him a little demonstration, I sat down, my back against the wall, as I started to play with my clit, and pussy. My fingers were slowly fingering the pussy, getting them drenched with pussy juice as my other hand pinched and pulled at my hard nipples on my heaving tits. I was so tempted to moan out loudly to let the whole world know how good it felt, but I knew if I did that, I would not get what I ultimately wanted.
As he watched me finger myself, he also started to slowly to slowly pull his cock back into action again. I watched in fascination as his cock grew in front of my face, it's head starting to get purple as he started to build cum in his balls again. By now, my pussy was so unsatisfied with my fingers that they were practically screaming out for me to get that cock. Standing up, I went over to him, and slowly stood on a couple of steps above him. Wrapping my hands around his neck I slowly pulled myself onto him. Somehow, he knew what I wanted, and he reached one hand around my waist to support me, the other hand reaching down to guide his cock into my now totally soaked pussy. Just feeling the head stretch the entrance of my pussy made me gasp out, nearly crying out, as I felt it stretch outwards. Somehow, my pussy felt so tight today that his cock was practically ripping me apart. My eyes were close with tears from both the pleasure and the pain, and in his eagerness to get his cock into my pussy, the sudden ripping of his cock at my pussy made me howl out. As his cock laid in my pussy, it's head rubbing against the insides of my pussy, I had to take a while to gather my breath, and get use to the pain I felt. However, that was not for long, as the pain soon turned to pleasure as he slowly made circles with his cock in my pussy. With each turn, his hairy cock base was tickling my sensitive clit, making me shiver each time they touched, making me tremble. Slowly, but surely, I started to slowly bounce myself on his cock, at small pumps at first, but soon we were humping away, my moans loud and uncaring if anyone came to see. Suddenly, we heard the door above us open. Although we were slightly hidden behind the wall, if the person turned, he would have seen a naked woman standing fuck a guy with his pants around his ankles. As I slowly continued to hump him, I could feel him hold his breath as two guys walked pass the staircase to the lift. Only when they entered the lift, did he breath again. Looking at me as we resumed our furious and passionate pumping, his one hand now playing with my tits, and occasionally, moving it down to play with my clit.
Soon, we reached the point of no return. He desperately tried to get me off his cock, but I refused. I needed to feel his warm cum in my pussy. If it was anywhere near what he cummed just now, I wanted it in my pussy and nowhere else. Finally, unable to hold back any longer, he came so hard that I could feel the first spurts hitting the walls of my pussy. The warmth feeling came as his cum triggered my cumming as well. As we came together, I could feel the mixture of my pussy juice and his cum mix, and as we were standing, they started to flow out between his cock and my pussy and down my legs.
Exhausted, he let me down, and leaned against the wall. His cock was glisterring with the mixture, his breaths heavy as he tried to make sense of what had just happened to him. Moving towards him, I quickly cleaned up his cock (with my tongue of course) and helped him pull up his pants and buckle it back for him. French kissing him and letting him taste our mixture, I turned him and pushed him to go down the stairs. As I watched him leave, dazed, I sat back down on the stairs, my pussy still dripping with the pussy-juice-cum mixture, I rested a while, enjoying the afterfeelings of being fucked as I just did.



I got so pissed today. One of my friend's was like, "wah, we know you daring but you show the whole world". At first, she thought someone else had put up the blog for me, but when I told her I did it, she was like thinking I siao, let everyone know what I do.
But why she care? I like mah? I dun understand people. With so much porn out on the internet, my little blog no one will know one. I mean, if got people find then happy for them. If they think this is rubbish don't read lor.
Anyway, today too pissed to write anything. Will write more soon about the Sentosa experience. Heehee, that would be interesting, provided I can keep my fingers more on the keyboard than in my panties.


Sentosa Beach

Over the weekend sometime back, I was invited to a chalet hosted by my cousin and his friends. Since I knew some of his friends briefly before, I was invited to join in their fun and games.
The day pretty much passed without much. We went to the beach and played in the sea and on the sand. I was wearing my two piece blue floral pattern bikini, must to the delight of my cousin and his friends. it was a tie bikini, and it was nice enough to just show the outline of my nipples when they hardened.
We were playing in the sea, when one of the guys decided to take photos. On of the friends, Sam I think, went out to sea with me to take a photo with me. However, when we were in about chest high water (the water level just below my tits), I felt a hand slowly feeling around my butt. Looking back at Sam, I saw him grinning, and since he was enjoying himself so much, I slowly moved my butt to the rythm of his hand. He got more daring, and as we took the photos, his hands started moving to the front of my bikini bottom, and slowly, it start stroking my pussy through the bikini bottom. It felt so good that I was leaning my butt on his cock, aligning it nicely along my butt crack as I slowly slide up and down while his fingers slowly fingered me through my bikini bottom. Feeling brave, and getting all turned on with his fingers, my hands slowly ran down my body, and slowly pulled the knot on my bikini bottom, losening it and letting it fall. I could see the shock in Sam's eyes as he felt the bikini bottom fall, and he tried to grab it. However, I quickly shoved my hands into his beach shorts and underwear and grabbed his cock, slowly my thumb massaging his already hardening cock head while the rest of it slowly pumped it. My other hand moved his hand down to my waiting pussy as he slowly recovered from his shock. Before long, we were both furiously masturbating each other, his cock felt big and hard, and so confined in his underwear. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and for me, the feeling of his fingers sliding in and out of my pussy while the slight push of the tide rushing against my senstive clit was bringing me close to cumming. Suddenly, Joshua, another friend told us to get ready to take a photo. By this time, I had already managed to pull down his beach shorts and underwear to his knees, and not wanting to wait anymore, I pretended to jump and impaled myself onto his now rock hard and standing cock. I gasped out as I felt his cock stretch my pussy, the extra pressure of the water being replaced by the cock caused tingles throughout. I think Joshua suspected something because we were both trying to control moaning out loud, but I think he heard me moan and he saw the wierd look on Sam's face. Haha, I wonder if he actually could guess what was going on.
Slowly pumping myself on Sam's cock, Joshua continued taking photos of us. We were so excited as there were friends and other people swimming around us, and I wonder whether anyone would actually realise that we were both bottomless, getting my pussy fucked slow and long by Sam's cock. We continued pumping until Sam couldn't stand it anymore. He pumped as fast as the water allowed him, until he rammed as much of his cock right into my pussy until the head was right up. With his fingers still playing with my clit, we both came together, his warm cum spurting out into my pussy as I shivered while I came so hard. Luckily, Sam was holding onto me or else I would have fallen down. He came so hard and long, I was wondering whether it would stop. I could feel the cum seeping between my pussy and his cock, bringing me waves and waves of cumming. By then, we didn't really care that the rest of them knew what we were doing, but all we were interested is feeling the pleasure of the cum.
After we were done, I had to wait a while to let my pussy stop trembling from all the cumming. Each motion in my pussy make it so close to wanting to cum, but I managed to control. Fumbling around for my bikini bottom, I managed to get it on. Giving Sam a quick peck on the cheek, I told him "Tonight, we can always have more fun on the island!". However, there were other plans in mind with the rest.